Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday James


Saturday we celebrated our friend James' 3rd Birthday. Since his birthday is on Halloween his birthday was a costume party. Ruth Ann was a bumble bee this year. I had plans of the whole family dressing up...I was going to be the flower, Ruth Ann could be the bumble bee, Spencer would be a farmer and Arch could be a thorn! Time slipped away from me and I ended up only dressing Ruth Ann up...oh well, it was a good thought.



Here are some of our other friends and their costumes...

Roper was a cute little gold fish.

Roper's big brother, Mason, was a fisherman with a cute added touch of gummy bait on his vest. He also had a "bait" container to share with all his friends, but I saw a few parents dipping into the bait jar too!

Besty was a sweet little gray mouse.

Betsy's big brother, Jay, was a Red Sox baseball player.

And Christopher was Chewbacca.

James, the birthday boy, and his brother were matching Spider Men & their parents were Dorothy and Scarecrow...but I didn't get a family picture since they were all doing a lot of running around to keep the party going.

And a group shot...


I wish I had taken a picture of all the parents trying to get pictures of this crew. I'm amazed any of them are smiling because there was a massive group of adults with cameras all pointed in their direction!

Happy Birthday James! We all had a fun time and it was a great way to get our Halloween started!

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