Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another big girl first

So I mentioned a few posts ago that I had a big girl event planned for Ruth Ann...

Her first hair cut!

I had hoped to wait until after her first birthday before we would cut these golden locks, but she started to have a baby mullet....yikes! I decided to get the back of her hair shaped up before I have her 1 year old pictures taken so she would not one day question why I permitted her to have a bad hair-do as a infant. Since I had a hair appointment scheduled I thought I would ask Holly to trim Ruth Ann's too. I should have been able to predict how the event would go by the look of terror in Holly's eyes when I very nonchalantly asked her to cut Ruth Ann's hair. She did attempt it, but it was a disaster! Who would have thought...don't all girls of all shapes, sizes & ages love to have their hair cut?? The answer, I have learned, is NO! She recommended I do it myself while she was sleeping. When I recounted the story to my friend Brantley she recommended I give her a Dum-Dum as a means of distraction...success!

Here's the before...


And the after...


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