Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy 40th Rex!!

Arch's best friend growing up was his neighbor Rex. If you haven't had the good fortune to meet Rex let me tell you he's one of the craziest guys you'll ever meet. His wife Dawn and I have known each other my whole life...Dawn's sister Donna worked with Arch and she and Rex were who set Arch and I up on our blind date many years ago...we're a close knit bunch, but don't get to visit with these friends often enough. Tonight Rex's wife put together a surprise party for his 40th birthday...


Ruth Ann and Rex's youngest daughter (Eva) got to play together a little bit...





Ruth Ann wore the cutest outfit...I got it at the Junior League Holiday Market a few weeks ago. My sewing teacher has plans of helping our class recreate this's so cute...Ruth Ann's is still a little big but will look so cute when she starts walking...


I can't wait to start making one out of every cute fabric I can get my hands on!!!

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Auralee said...

Her outfit is too cute. That would be awesome if you learned how to make these outfits!

The Howell family said...

I'll take two please...preferably matching :)