Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SoHOHOHO much better!!

If you recall my soap box ranting from a few weeks ago I was highly disgusted with the Santa at Columbiana Centre & you're if wondering, I did call the following morning to report said disgust. The person I spoke with explained to me how they out source this job and use a company who apparently employees Santa's for the holiday season. She offered to contact the company and perhaps they would offer me so coupons for future visits. I declined and stated I would never be having pictures taken at their mall again.

I complained about our awful experience to anyone who would listen, sorry if you had to hear the story more than once and that you're reliving it again now. In my rantings, I complained to one of my co-workers who recommended Richland Fashion Mall...or whatever it's called now, if you're a Columbia native you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find out she is an actual photographer whose studio is in the mall, but during the holidays (Christmas & Easter) she uses a vacant space in the mall to take seasonal pictures.

It was FANTASTIC! The day we went was "Santa's Workshop" and is designed for kids who are afraid of Santa...there are also traditional days to visit too. Santa was behind the scenes when we arrive and were ushered into Santa's Workshop. They had me place Ruth Ann on Santa's work bench and stand behind her (distracting her) while Santa came in while in stealth mode...Ruth Ann was completely unaware of the jolly old man watching from behind...


Then I slowly removed myself from the pictures...


Ruth Ann got to work on some painting...don't worry, the paint was dried on the brushes...completley harmless & messless!


Still clueless there's a man in red standing behind her...


Ruth Ann: "Wait a you smell milk and cookies with a hint of reindeer??"


Oh, that must be you! The photographer was so worried Ruth Ann was going to have melt down when she spotted him. I used this as an opportunity once again to revisit our terrible trip to Columbiana to which she said several others had also complained to her in recent weeks. However, since she had already met Santa once she felt like they were old friends...maybe that's the silver lining to the whole story!


Is it bothering anyone else that the back of Ruth Ann's hair looks like a bird has tried to nest in it?? It sure was bothering me...the photographer was afraid I would scare her and set Ruth Ann off into tears. I didn't care, I live on the edge & had faith that my child would allow me to fix her hair. The photographer didn't have the inside knowledge I had...I've been brushing tangles out of this child's hair since she was 1 week old and now bows don't hold her hair out of her face...I have to use tiny rubber bands. Every morning I tug and pull to get the rubber band in just right...all the while Ruth Ann doesn't make a peep. I don't think I have a tender headed child...thankgoodness!


Then they worked together a little bit...


Then they chatted a little bit...


Then it was time to go, but not before getting a quick hug from the big guy...


FANTASTIC! The photographer took 60+ pictures for me to choose from. I had plans of only purchasing the cd, but you got a discount on the cd if you bought a few picutres...I bought the cheapest package & the cd which was the same cost as the cd only, but atleast I got a few pictures that were touched's the picture I thought was the best...


I'm sold...this is where we'll be taking all our Santa's photos from here on out! And I promise not to bring up the terrible experience again!!

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