Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ladies that lunch

Since I'm fortunate enough to be home with Ruth Ann on Thursday and Friday I like to meet my mom for lunch at the hospital where she works. Ruth Ann can't go onto the floor were my mom works because there are some very sick people on her floor and children under the age of 18 are not allowed we meet her at the elevators. On Thursday we met my mom for a quick lunch since she only has about 30 minutes to eat, but any time we get with Grammy is precious time. Ruth Ann also looked super cute in her Chez Ami knit dress with leggings and pig tails...too cute infact to let a photo opportunity pass us by!!



Even though we live in the same town Ruth Ann doesn't get to see Grammy nearly often enough...however, as you can see, she's very comfortable in Grammy's arms!

Oh, here's a unfair thought for the day...when my mom and I got downstairs to the cafeteria we got in line and my mom was still holding Ruth Ann. Now, my mom and I are often told we look alike even though if you saw pictures of my mom at my age I really don't think we look that much a like, but when we're together we usually get this statement a lot. However, the lunch lady looked at the 3 of us and said I must be the daughter-in-law because I didn't look like Ruth Ann or my mom who she thought looked just alike!! What?? This is actually not the first time someone has said Ruth Ann looks like my mom, usually it's from my close friends who know my mom well. This is the first time a stranger has told me this, so at least it gives me hope that some of my genes are shining through...even though I still see Arch and Spencer every time I look at her!

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