Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I almost forgot


With my mind clouded with the depression of my child turning one year of age I forgot to update everyone on what Ruth Ann is up to...I'm sure you've been on the edge of your seat wondering this very thing!

At one year of age (insert salt into open wound...) Ruth Ann is doing the following...

~opening cabinets and drawers...since her lazy parents have not baby proofed the house yet. I hate baby proofed cabinets, but simply telling her "NO" doesn't seem to be doing the trick.
~still enjoying traveling on all fours, but pulling up and cruising more and more every day. When we try to hold her up to get her to stand on her own she thinks you're playing with her and bounces up and down like she's dancing...obviously not interested in standing on her own 2 feet. That's fine with me because I believe as long as she's crawling she's still considered a baby and not he "T" word...toddler.
~talking, talking, talking. She's a lot more echolalic these days...this means she repeats what she hears. Although it's not coming out exactly...or very what we say to her, she matches our pitch and intonation very well. I continue to believe that we have a serious talker on our hands...go figure!
~loves looking at books. I really want Ruth Ann to enjoy reading, so I'm very encouraged by her early interest in books. Her faves are books with big pictures of children or animals.
~continues to pack on the pounds. We go to the doctor in the morning so I'll post stats tomorrow, but I have a feeling we may hit the 90th percentile for weight this time...or my arms are getting to weak to hold her in my arms!
~in LOVE with her big brother. Last week Spencer was at our house and Arch noticed that every time he left the living room for his room or the bathroom she would follow him and sit outside the door and wait on sweet!
~too cute for words! I know she's my baby so I'm slightly partial, but really, I think she is just too cute for words...which is good considering the defiant attitude she's developing. If she weren't so cute I might have been forced to find another nice family for her to live with...just kidding...we all think she's a keeper!

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Brantley said...

Cute picture! Did you applique her top? As for baby-proofed cabinets -- I also hated them. It only took Mason breaking one of my favorite serving dishes for me to go buy locks to secure them!

Tracy said...

She looks like such a big girl! I can't believe Jonah is going to be that big and its going to happen so fast. I can't believe hes already almost 6 mo. *sigh* Too cute!