Monday, December 7, 2009

You smell like beef and cheese...

I'm getting the soap box out to complain, so if you don't want to hear me may want to go ahead and navigate away from this blog.

Tonight I had a fun holiday family trip planned for the McCarty family. Last year Ruth Ann was only a few weeks old at Christmas so going to see Santa was out of the question. I've been looking forward to making this holiday memory, but thanks to Columbiana Center in Columbia, SC it's now been ruined!!


We stood in line for an hour and half...quite an accomplishment if you know my husband...he gets major points for patiently waiting with me! Of course I had my camera in hand to capture all these moments...but waiting in line was boring...


While waiting I had plenty of time to take in everything around me and noticed a sign asking parents to limit their own personal photos to one photo per visit. However, while in line I witnessed family after family taking MULTIPLE pictures. At one point a mom stood and took no less than 10 pictures while "Santa's Helper" (term used very, very loosely) chatted it up with his friends. This led me to believe this sign really meant nothing and this guy was going to let parents take as many pictures as they would like. I thought "What a nice guy"...a true example of holiday spirit...oh I was wrong, very, very wrong!

When we finally approached Santa after our incredibly long hour and half wait I told Santa's Helper I wanted to take my own picture. I snapped one, then another (just like all the moms before me) only to be scolded by Santa's Helper and told I was only allowed one picture! What??!! I looked at him completely confused while thankfully my husband stood far enough away distracting Ruth Ann that he could not hear our exchange. I then thought, okay, if I can't take any more pictures and I want to document this memory, then get to work Helper...start taking pictures. So I asked him to take some pictures for me to pick from and I kid you not...he looked at me and said "I'm not going to take any pictures if you're not going to buy any." WHAT??!! Apparently digital camera memory cards are not manufactured at Santa's Workshop! He went behind his camera...not much different from mine own...and took 3 very crappy pictures...Ruth Ann was looking at the camera in one, but Santa was looking off into space and in the two others where neither was looking at the camera. I told him no thank you, grabbed Ruth Ann and left completely and totally disgusted!

I'll be making a phone call to Columbiana Center bright and early tomorrow morning to attempt to get both Santa and his Helper fired. Call me a Grinch, but I felt more like Buddy the Elf and what I really wanted to shout was "Santa, you stink!!"

Whatever you do this holiday season...if you live in the Columbia area DO NOT GO TO VISIT SANTA AT COLUMBIANA CENTER. Tell your friends, I'll be telling everyone who will listen between now and Christmas.

Here's the priceless photo I managed to get...along with the illegal photo I obtained!



I've already decided Ruth Ann and I will be visiting the Santa at Richland Fashion Mall on Thursday morning. I'll keep you posted on how this Santa compares!

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Taylor family: Tim, Becky, Tabitha said...

There's usually a pretty good Santa at Saluda Shoals Pk. if you happen to go see the lights show.