Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sick baby

What a week it has been...these pictures were all taken on Monday afternoon...little did we know what Monday night would hold for us...


She's so close to walking I can barely stand it! She has times where she'll let go, but in a matter of seconds she drops to the floor and takes off in a sprint like crawl.


One of Ruth Ann's favorite past times is pulling all of the magazines out of this basket pictured to her left and tossing them all over the floor. Please know that we have supplied her with ample toys (as seen in the background) and books, but she continues to pick out dated magazines as her choice reading literature.


Thank goodness for graham crackers...that's what she's stuffing in her's the only nourishment she's had all week. As I said, these pictures are all from Monday afternoon. I started to notice she had a wet cough as the day wore on...however, she woke up at 11pm barking like a sea lion. I woke Arch up, made him listen to it, then called my mom, woke her and my dad up, and asked her what she thought we should do. She suggested we call the on-call nurse, so I did and we were told it sounded like croup. Arch stayed home with her the next day to take her to see the doctor. He confirmed this diagnosis and put her on a steroid. That was the worse her cough ever sounded, now it's back to a wet cough, but it's just not going away. Her nose has also run like a faucet all week and I'm convinced I will now be spending the next 10 years of my life holding a tissue to a tiny nose and asking mini-Arch to "Blow". Ruth Ann also threw up on me for the first time...lovely...she wasn't a baby who ever really spit up much so this was new for me...if I didn't feel like a mother before, believe me, once someone throws up on you and you a) don't throw up in return & b) still love know you're a mother!

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