Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Brantley


One of my very good friends will be turning the Big 3-0 this week. Her husband invited several couples to Charleston for dinner to celebrate. We started the day out with some outlet shopping...even when I plan to just spend a little while at the outlets I always end up spending hours. I had received a great coupon for the Gap & Banana Republic and when added to the sales they were already offering I ended up spending less money than I saved...I love whent that happens, it's all the affirmation I need to justify my spending! However, those were the only stores I felt that way...Brantley and I agreed that the prices in the other stores were too high for outlet shops and I found the hem lines on shorts and skirts have gotten much shorter. If you have great legs...which I don't...then you'll love what you find this summer. But I have ham hock legs, so I see a summer of capri pants in my future!

So after some shopping we headed down to park, check Brantley and Graem into their hotel and walk around for a little while. Arch and I ended up choicing to drive back home after dinner instead of staying over night because the cost of rooms was sky high ($300-$400 per night)...I kept wondering why, but Graem & Arch explained that this big boat had something to do with it...



Apparently the passengers on the is ship were docked in Charleston because of the spread of illness on the in the area scored because the passengers all had to go somewhere...this meant the McCarty's were driving back to Columbia after dinner.

Here's a store I would have loved to have spent some quality time in, but I don't want to tease myself with the idea of new purse right now!


Our dinner reservation time was approaching so we headed back towards the hotel but stopped by The Market on our way...





Brantley's family uses seagrass baskets for their Easter baskets. With the addition of Roper to their family last year this meant the need for a new basket this Easter.



The hard part of this task is how unique each basket is since they are hand made...there are also vendors up and down the market and prices can really vary. But Brantley's husband, a man on a mission, did some quick reconnaissance and found the best price so now Roper is the proud owner of new Easter basket.

Then we got cleaned up for supper and enjoy some drinks downstairs before dinner. We sat in the courtyard downstairs and while we were outside we decided to take a few more pictures.

The Tunmore family joined us for drinks and dinner. Auralee's family lives near Charleston, so Christopher got to spend some time with her parents.


Here's the birthday girl with her hubby...


Brantley took a picture of me & my hubby...


And we asked a group sitting next to us to take a picture of our whole group...


Brantley & Auralee both have blogs and if you're also a blogger, you know you try to document all the fun times...but that means you usually look like this to others...



So we toasted to Brantley's birthday, wrapped up picture time and headed across the street to Hank's for a yummy dinner.



All but 1 in our group is dieting (Auralee, Arch & I are on South Beach, Graem & Brantley are on P90X)...this meant no delicious fried seafood or desserts. We decided that once we hit our goal weights then we'll have to make a trip back to enjoy all the food we really wanted to eat!

Thanks again Brantley and Graem for inviting to join in on the fun! We had a great time and hope your birthday on Monday is as great as your birthday weekend was!

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Brantley said...

It was great! Glad yall could join us and I'm looking forward to going back!