Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Little Hat Lady

Ruth Ann can do some of the simplest things to bring a smile to my face. The other day I was sitting at the kitchen desk wasting time of the computer when I heard tiny feet walking into the kitchen to join me. I looked up and Ruth Ann came towards me wearing this...


It's her hat from last summer and she found it in her room with her doll babies. Ruth Ann loves a hat...thanks to her daddy. He has ball hats all over our house and Ruth Ann loves wearing all of them. Not only does she love wearing them, she loves pointing them out when were out in public and it's one of her favorite words to sign.


Here she is sporting some of the ball hats Arch has let her add to her toy box...


And because I'm a believer in equal opportunity, I also allow her to wear a hat from Arch's alma mater...


But I know what color my baby girl's blood's orange & blue! War Eagle!


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1 comment:

Brantley said...

Very cute! I love that her summer hat has a bow on it. She is ever the bow-head!