Friday, March 19, 2010

Yeah for Spring!

This week my Favorite Friday is SPRING TIME!! I know it doesn't officially start until this weekend, but the high today was in the upper 70's, the sun was warm, and Ruth Ann & I both wore short sleeves...sounds like Spring to me! This winter seems to have dragged on for what has seemed like forever to me. Last winter I gave birth on December 1st and didn't come out of my house until I returned to work the first week of March. I'll tell you, the bears have a good thing going...hibernation is the way to go and if you can find a way to schedule conception so you deliver in the winter months it makes for a much more tolerable Winter. When I feel like Winter just won't end I have to remind myself that last year I watched Winter pass by through the french doors in my living room. This has made me appreciate the arrival of Spring all the more and to celebrate, we headed to the park with my very good friend Brantley and her boys...aka, The Clark Boys. Brantley and I both are part-time workers, so we really appreciate these days off to spend our little ones...especially when the weather is as gorgeous as it was today!

We arrived at the park a little after 10am and it was fairly empty. Ruth Ann has never been to the park, so she took her time soaking it all in...


Does she look excited to be there or what??

Then we checked out the slides...just the little slide on this trip. She held my hands going down a few times, but before we left she was going down all on her own.



Then we checked out the swings.


I use to come to this same park with Regan & Kennedy...the first 2 children I helped raise. I babysat these girls for years while I was in college and I don't want to share how old they are now because it brings tears to my eyes...let's just say one is in middle school and the other isn't too many years behind. Anyway, I waited years to bring my own child to this park and what I discovered as a mom (you know, the one who washes the child and the clothes)'s a dirty place...especially when you have a child who resorts to crawling when she gets into a balance sensitive situation...


Or just to sit and have a little drink...


Even she thought it was too messy...she had to take time to dust off her hands...


By far Ruth Ann's favorite part of the park was walking circles around the playground...therefore, most of my pictures looked like this...



Pardon me while I take a moment to adjust my diaper...


All and all it was a very fun morning...and of course I took time to get a cheesed up picture to remember this day...


While I was taking this picture I kept saying to Ruth Ann "Say Cheese"...another toddler walking around near us over heard me and kept walking up to me to say "Cheese"...this is definitely a generation trained to pose for a camera!

So I mentioned the day was spent with The Clark Boys...Mason is a moving target which makes it difficult to get a picture...but I managed to get a few...




Mason wandered around every inch of the playground (Ruth Ann kept looking for him saying "May, May" sweet), but his favorite spot was on the deck above a small creek that runs along the edge of the park. Both of Mason's parents grew up loving the outdoors and the apple has definitely not fallen far from the tree. I think this child could have played outside all day long...I think he may be happier to see warm weather arrive than I am...


Roper was along for the trip too...and you can tell by the second picture that he is longingly waiting for the day he can be let loose to run free on the playground too!



Are those not the sweetest cheeks you've ever seen...don't you just want to kiss every square inch of them!

After about an hour and half at the park we decided to go to Chick-fil-a for a bite to eat...but guess who was asleep 2 blocks away for the park??


But don't worry, I woke her up...I know she would regret passing up some chicken nuggets. One full morning of play and one full belly meant only one thing...a 3 hour nap...I see many more spring & summer days at the park ahead of us! Thanks to The Clark Boys for a fun day!

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Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

Yay for spring!! Can't wait to get my guy back to the parks here.

Rebekah said...

Spring is a fav. of mine too! I love the pics :)

~travelling from Hillary's Friday Favs~

Brantley said...

Looking forward to more trips to the park and Chick-Fil-A!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So adorable- even the diaper adjustment! ha! Love it and glad y'all had a great trip. Parks are the best! I'm hoping to get back to ours soon!

And... the kids I babysat in college are...ugh... IN COLLEGE. Oh man. That was hard to admit.

Anonymous said...

LOL...the kids I nannied in college are now out of college, married and have kids of their own!!

These are beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing!