Thursday, March 18, 2010

Potty Report

About 2 weeks ago I announced on Facebook that I was starting Ruth Ann on the road to potty training. I figure not everyone on Facebook wants to read about my child and her potty training...but this is my blog and I can talk about poop freely here!

Several events in the last few weeks led me to believe she was ready to start potty training...

1. For the last few months Ruth Ann has been using the sign for "potty" whenever she poops in her diaper or she says "poo-poo"...I think if she knows what she's doing, then it's time to learn where it really goes.

2. While waiting for the bath water to fill the tub, Ruth Ann will tee-tee on the floor...leading me to believe she tee-tees in the tub all the time...yuck!

3. And this isn't a sign from her, but I'm ready to remove diapers from my monthly expenses.

So I went out to purchase a training potty to use until she's comfortable sitting on the big far, so good. She has tee-teed in the potty at least once daily and has pooped in the potty almost every day she's been at home with me. I'm fully expecting this to take all summer to master but I'm very proud of the progress she's making. She's also learning how to pass the time while sitting on the potty...


Doesn't she look like she's been doing this her whole life!

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Brantley said...

She is doing great! There is a little girl in Mason's pre-school class that has been fully potty trained since 18 months. And a tip to pass along...when using the "big" potty when access to a potty seat is not available, Mason prefers to sit backwards (facing the tank). Not sure if that is a boy thing or if it would make her feel more secure.