Monday, March 8, 2010

Here a Peep, there a Peep, everywhere a Peep Peep

When I was growing up my mom was not big on giving us candy or sugary (is that a word??) drinks. The only time I could count on a soft drink being present in our house was on Friday afternoon...a 3 liter Coca-Cola could be found begging to be cracked open when we got home from school. By the way...does anyone else remember 3 liter soft drinks?? Why did they ever stop making those?? Anyway, the only disclaimer my mom made was that this was the ONLY soft drink we would have until the following weekend so we had to make it last and enjoy every last sweet drop. She also rarely allowed us to get candy while waiting in line at the grocery store...whether this was because she lived by a strict budget or if she was concerned about our sugar intake I'll never know. But when Easter rolled around...these rules flew out the Easter my mom always bought us the iconic Easter candy...PEEPS! One year she found a great after Easter sale and stocked up on left over Peeps...we froze them and ate them for months! This is absolutely where Easter candy became very favorite seasonal candy!

This year I'm on South Beach (20 lbs down...yeah!) so I'm staying far away from the candy isle this time of year...but while I was at Walmart last week, the sweet yellow Peeps started calling...but they weren't asking for me...they were calling Ruth Ann. So I decided to get my baby girl her first Peep...


She wasn't very sure what to do with the sugary (there's that word again, it's officially a word now!) treat...


Eventually she got the hang of it and enjoyed most of the Peep...




But then she wanted to share it with me...


And as much as I would love to eat this sweet treat in one big bite...I resisted. I keep repeating "Nothing tastes as good being thin feels." I've got 20 lbs to go to hit my pre-wedding weight...maybe I'll freeze some Peeps to reward myself with when I hit my goal!

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Brantley said...

What?!? I didn't even realize 3-liter drinks were out of productions!