Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thank you, thank you very much!

Gosh, you guys have been way too nice about my sewing ability! Luckily my sewing teacher keeps me very well I should be, I'm a novice sewer but hope to improve with time! The key to these cute pants has nothing to do with's all about good (and really cute) fabric. These pants are literally 2 pieces of fabric...right leg, left leg...and are so shockingly easy to make. The added ruffle is also super easy and it sends the cuteness level over the top!

The Eiffel Tower pants were a big hit and several have asked where I get my fabric. The tower print came for my sewing teacher's shop here in Columbia, but it's made by Michael Miller...I did a Google search for "Michael Miller eiffel tower fabric" and found tons of's also available from sellers on Etsy. The other fabrics are from JoAnn's and Creative Sewing (another local store).

Thanks again ladies for all your comments...I hope I'm inspiring you to start sewing!

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Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

LOVE them!! You did a great job! I'm totally going to pick your brain on them!! :)

Sarah said...

How did you find a sewing class? Did you know someone that happens to teach sewing, or did you google "sewing classes in my area"? You are really inspiring me to sew! Even if I don't have the embroidery machine (yet, just waiting for my tax rebate).
Also, thanks for putting my boring blog on your side bar, I feel really cool now! ;o) (I even called and told my mom, she was not as impressed)