Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Playing Outside

With the arrival of warmer temperatures I've learned one baby girl L-O-V-E-S being outside. I think she must stay outside from 3-5pm every afternoon at her Grandma & Granddaddy's house, so when she comes home she wants to continue the party in our yard. Today the temps were still warm when we got home so I thought I would take a couple of quick pictures of our time outdoors...

Griff will be very happy to have a new friend to throw the ball to him once Ruth Ann's self-centered phase passes...right now both of these babies want to hold the holds it in her chubby hands...the other in his sloppery mouth!





We don't have stairs to climb in our house...except to my sewing room which is off I'm wondering when she learned how to do this...


And you can see who's waiting for her at the top of the stairs...still ready to play ball!

I've always loved having animals around our house. My cats are very sweet with Ruth Ann...I know this is unusual and I'm VERY thankful they all love each other...but I especially love how Ruth Ann has no fear of you can tell, she loves her furry four legged bros...



Do you think she's begging to play with one of the dogs...or teasing them??


And tomorrow we're going to break out Ruth Ann's birthday gift from Ada and Aunt Toni...stay tuned for all the fun that is sure to follow!


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