Monday, March 1, 2010

15 months

As I got up for work this morning I was thinking about what I was doing one year ago was my first day back at work since having Ruth Ann and I spent much of the day on the verge of tears. I'm so fortunate to have Ruth Ann with my in-laws while I'm working, but that first day back was still tough. But obviously I made it through and continued to return week in and week out and here we sit one year later...I'm still happily employeed and Ruth Ann loves every minute she gets to spend with Grandma & Grand Daddy...and vice versa! It took months for me to feel like I was back in the swing of co-workers may argue that I'm still not in the swing of things.


Here's what Ruth Ann is up to these days...
~signing vocabulary: daddy, more, eat, all done, hat, ball, potty, dog, please, thank you, banana, cracker, car, sleep, bath, fish, book, baby, milk, juice...have a mentioned this week how much I LOVE Baby Signing Time?? I think she picks a new sign up every time she sits down to watch these DVDs.

~verbal vocabulary: Daddy, Momma, Grammy (but pronounced Mammie), ball, hat, Bubba, banana (pronounced nana), eat, more, baby, pee pie (for peek a boo), poo poo, night night, she says something consistently for pacie but I have not idea how to spell it, bye bye, no no, oh wee (which I much say a lot when I get hurt because I can't imagine where she has picked that up), kitty, Griffy (at least she says something close everytime she sees Griffy dog), nose, eyes, ba-ba (for bottle...for baby not for herself)

~favorite books: Go, Dog, Go & Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You

~favorite foods: carrots, cheese, graham crackers, sweet potatoes, Yo Baby, bananas

~can point to her nose, and grap someone else's nose, can point to her eyes, ears and toes

~And last but not least...Ruth Ann is now a WALKER!! She started this last weekend walking more than crawling, but now she's spending the majority of the day walking and very rarely crawling. It's amazing (and really sad) how she all of sudden looks like a big girl and my baby girl disappeared right before my eyes.

We head to see Dr. Joey on Thursday, so I'll post stats then. I kinda have a feeling she may have dropped in the weight department because she's been much more mobile and eating less than usual...but we'll see.


Ruth Ann, I miss the baby that you were but I'm so excited about the little girl you're becoming. I see a beautiful, smart and sassy girl forming right before my eyes and Mommy can't wait to see more of the little girl your going to become.

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