Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Smitten with Smitten & Co

It's Friday, so I'm again participating in The Other Mama's Favorite Friday event. Thanks again for all the sweet comments from last week. So if you couldn't tell from last week...I love personalized clothing for my child...or any child because if you've received a baby shower gift, birthday gift or Christmas gift from me, chances are it was personalized. Recently I discovered Smitten & Co. t-shirts and let me say they are cute beyond words...take a look for yourself...once more, I called upon my favorite child model, but she got a little sassy today, so I didn't have too many pictures to pick from this week...ignore the uncooperative child and check out these precious shirts...




Ruth Ann loves to look down at this shirt and either signs "Kitty" or point and say "Kitty"...



Ruth Ann actually has one more cute tee, but as you can tell but the next picture...she got to point where she was all done with pictures for the afternoon!


So that ends the picture portion of this post because once those chubby little arms are crossed and the sassy attitude comes's all over and I know when I can win a battle and when I have to admit defeat!

The designer of these shirts is a friend of a friend from Auburn. She's super talented and great to work with...for example, I wanted a kitty t-shirt and she whipped up a design for me. The t-shirts are high quality tees...and I'm very picky about shirt quality, so that's a big compliment. The long sleeve tee Ruth Ann is wearing gets washed about once a week (because I love it so much it gets worn regularly) and it has held up great! I would highly recommend these shirts for a unique birthday, shower or Christmas gift (for Ruth Ann) or any other child on your gift list!

And unlike the cute outfits I teased you with last week...these are actually for sale at out Smitten & Co.'s Etsy store now and order one for all your favorite kiddos. But, because all good things come to those who wait, it does take a few weeks to receive your order...they're custom made, so give the girl a break! But, as nice as she is I'm sure if you convoed with her on Etsy she would be happy to try to help you meet a deadline. I hope you enjoy these shirts as much as I have!

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Ashley said...

I love personalize clothes for my little girl! =)
Also, I love everything you make for Ruth Ann. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, but I haven't braved up enough to try it yet.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

SO adorable and the sassy arms crossed move is my favorite! Because we might or might not be pretty familiar with it around here. :)
I can't wait to check out her store!

shopannies said...

how super cute love them all

Auralee said...

Love her new shirts. I just ordered two from her this week. Happy Friday!

Jennifer said...

There is just too much cuteness on one page here! Love those shirts, and what an adorable model.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

What a sweetheart!