Monday, April 5, 2010

16 months

This was Ruth Ann roughly one year ago...this picture was actually taken in mid-April, but it was the best I could find in my Flickr account...


Here she is one year later in all her 16 month glory...


What a difference a year makes! The baby and hair bow have grown significantly! Last year it was so easy to just put her down, get her attention and take a cute picture. Now, she's a moving target and when asked to smile for the camera her response is to shake her little blond head and say "No"...cute the first time, highly irritating the 400th time.

Because of her lack of cooperation, this was what most of her pictures looked like...

(cute smile, but not looking at the camera)

This rocking chair has been where I could keep her contained to get a quick's no longer useful...she's gotten brave in her 16th month and has figured out she can escape!


Ruth Ann isn't up too many new things this month. I can't think of any new signs she acquired since we mostly watch the same two videos over and over. The other 2 we have seem to have concepts that I don't think she would understand, but we may start putting them in the rotation since the adults in the house are rapidly growing tired of video 1 & 2.

Ruth Ann continues to be a chatter box. Today on the way to my in-law's house she was running through the names she's most familiar with..."Mommy", "Daddy", "Bubba", "Mammie"...this is how she usually occupies her time in her car will make our next trip to Alabama a long one. She's repeating a lot of what she hears now which means it may be time to watch what we are saying to each other, watching on TV or listening to on the radio. As she settles into being a one year old she's definitely becoming more and more independent which to me is a nice way to say defiant. To most anything that is asked of her, she responds in only one way...head shake while saying "No." She could be dying of thirst, but if asked if she wants juice, same answer...even as she takes the sippy cup out of your hand and downs half of the juice before your eyes. She's also figured out rooms and drawers she is not allowed to be in and wants to spend the better part of her day exploring these areas. Last week I found her in my bathroom drawer with a bag of lipsticks she had dug her little fingers into. I'm great at stain removal, so her clothes survived this little mishap. Over the weekend I found her in her brother's room playing with his ipod...she knew the moment I walked in his room that she was busted and began crying in protest because she knew the fun was over. I've become pretty good at detecting when she's into something she shouldn't be...usually you can hear where she is in the house by her constant chatter, but when she's somewhere she shouldn't be she becomes very quite...quite=trouble in our house so I begin my search for her and usually discover her in something she shouldn't be. It's really all a lot of fun and it's amazing to see how much she is learning and growing. It's amazing to me that I can ask her where her shoes are that she can to get them and then show me how they go on her feet. It's times like this where I can understand why teachers find their jobs so's so much fun watching her learn new things! April doesn't hold much activity for our family besides baseball games, so we'll be home most weekends this month and I'm 100% okay with those plans. I need to make a trip to Alabama to visit friends and I'm planning on visiting a friend in Myrtle Beach next month so we'll enjoy the time at home before our summer traveling picks up!

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather! Have a great April!

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