Monday, April 12, 2010

Ruth Ann LOVES Bubba

Many of you already know Bubba...aka, Spencer...he's my 15 year-old step-son and one of the people Ruth Ann loves more than anyone else in the world!


Spencer plays now any baseball player Ruth Ann sees is Bubba. We have some coasters in our house that are from Arch's single days that picture ancient baseball players...but when Ruth Ann looks at them she only sees Bubba.


For some reason Arch really doesn't want Ruth Ann to call Spencer "Bubba"...I think it sounds like someone needs to get in touch with his redneck roots! Anyway, we were all eating dinner and when Spencer got up from the table Ruth Ann pointed to him and said "Bubba". Arch corrected her and very slowly said "Spenc-er" which Ruth Ann responded "Bub-ba"...just as slowly and with just a little bit of sass! She reminds me daily that we are going to have our hands full in the years to come!

Here is Arch teaching Ruth Ann how to wear a glove...


And she's very proud of herself...


So she's showing Griffy how it's done...


We may have another little ball player on our hands...


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