Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This won't come as a shock to most of you...

It's Friday so that means it's time to post my Friday Favorite and since last week The Other Mama took the week off, I've been saving this post just for today...let me start with this picture and go a little kindergarten on you...

What do these pictures have in common???


Yes, the obvious is Ruth Ann...the most precious and adorable child I know...she's mine, so I'm a little bit (or a lot bit) bias.

I have something else in mind and if I done my job correctly, it may be something that goes unnoticed since I have tried to make it an essential part of Ruth Ann's daily appearance...

Still's the bows! I L-O-V-E a fabulous big bow...I mentioned this previously on a past Friday Favorite. But do you know what I love even more than a big bow... paying little to nothing for a fabulous big bow. I'm going to share a well kept secret with you...I never buy bows in boutiques, I rarely pay more than $2 for a bow and I don't even try to make bows for myself. You may be asking yourself if these bows are magically appearing on our bow holder(s) or are they there by Divine intervention...although our Heavenly Father could make bows appear if he wanted to, but it's not His power I rely's the power of Ebay.

I share this link with a little bit of hesitation, not because you mothers of little girls will make my bow vendor very busy, but because the last time I shared a favorite vendor on Ebay she ended up being corrupt and stealing my money and the money of a friend. But so far this vendor has been GREAT! I've bought bows from her about 5 times and every time they arrive with no problems at all, so this time I have great confidence that she won't let anyone down.

Now, go to this link to visit her Ebay store. I usually buy the 10 large bows for $20. When you have a toddler you realize that bows...especially the white ones...don't stay clean for long. I usually buy at least 2 white bows with every order and also replace some of the other lighter colored bows this cost I have zero problem justifying my purchase.

One question I get asked often by both friends and complete strangers is how I can keep her bow in her hair. Most add that their daughter, granddaughter, niece, 2nd cousin twice removed, etc. NEVER kept a bow in her hair. My gut response is to say that Ruth Ann doesn't have a choice (as in most matters where she is concerned) and therefore it remains in her hair...HA! No friends, this child came into the world with a head full of hair and from that day forward she has had a bow in her hair daily...even during those first long weeks where we stayed indoors for days and weeks on end. There have been hundreds of times that I've been on a bow hunt because she had removed her bow outside of my presences. My good friend Auralee is constantly hunting pacies at her house....if we lose a pacie, I buy new ones, but a bow is always recovered! My goal is to have Ruth Ann ask for her bow as we're getting ready in the morning...we're close, she will recover bows she has removed from her hair when asked and she will correctly identify the proper place where her bows belong...on top of her head!

If your little one is too small for the big bows...but I don't think bows can ever be too big...then do an Ebay search for hair bows and I promise you won't be disappointed. I little searching and bidding and you'll find cute and cheap bows in no time!

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Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

I love little girls with bows but neither of my 2 really would let me put them in. Heck, it's an ordeal to brush one's hair (it's a rat's nest daily). So I envy you!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I love it!!! So much! And what I love even more is that I didn't even notice that the bows were the thing that were the same! ha! They just fit naturally with her and are adorable, of course.
Can't wait to check out that vendor and have my own little girl to deck out in bows!!

Tami said...

OH the BOWS! Hopped over here fromn Hillary's Friday Favorites and what a precious little girl. My 'little' girl still wears bows after 20 once they start it's hard to stop! And Hillary...will your little girls bows have adorable monograms on them *wink*

The Crotwell Family said...

Hey Tara,
Thanks for the site, I will have to look into it since Allie-Ann wears her bows all the time and I have her trained not to touch and she hasn't pulled a bow out since she was 6 months. I think she LOVES her bows as much as I do. We have them hanging in her closet and she always goes over to pull one off for the day. We are still working on her color matching. :)