Saturday, April 17, 2010

Number 11 in the program, but Number 1 in our hearts...


We'll be wrapping up Spencer's freshman year of baseball in just a few short days so Ruth Ann and I headed out to the ball field to check out his team in action. I've attempted to take Ruth Ann to two other games, both of which we left very early...this time I was fully prepared...she napped until just before we walked out the door, I had her dinner prepared and packaged, I had plenty of juice and I had plenty of toys...but the key to the evening was bringing along her stroller to strap her in when she got too wild. We made it through the whole game, so the night was a success!

Even if we haven't made it through the games successfully...I still do a great job of making sure she's the cutest thing at the ball field...


Some bug bit her just above her top lip giving her the look of Cindy Crawford's famous beauty mark.

While we were there Ruth Ann flirted with her friend Jackson...


He's very cute and his dad is the varsity baseball I'm sure he'll be a ball player one day...and you know we have a soft spot for baseball players!

They played a little ball together themselves...


But Ruth Ann grew tired of waiting for Jackson to roll the ball so she took charge and decided she was ready to take her ball and go home!


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