Friday, April 9, 2010

A little more hunting...

On Easter weekend we enjoyed Sunday service with my mom & Toni and then headed to my mom's house for a yummy Easter lunch. I was responsible for salad which I had planned on running home after church to grap and then head out the door to my mom' hour later than planned we were on our way. Meanwhile, at my mom's house, she was busy planting Easter eggs all over her front yard...some of which had candy that melts easily. The egg hunt was planned for after lunch so most of the chocolate treats had melted into a liquid is evident by Ada's face...


But that didn't stop these two from hunting those eggs anyway...



These two have very different hunting techniques...Ada gathers as many as she can and even raced her Uncle Arch around the yard to beat him to each egg. Ruth Ann on the other hand is a child after her own mother's heart...after discovering at The Brown's that Easter eggs held treats inside, she opened each and every egg she found to see what each held...



And even if the delicious treat fell to the ground, she used the 5 second (or 5 minute...who was really counting) rule to eat right off of Grammy's front yard...


M&M's are our potty treat, so she doesn't get them often...she wasn't letting a little dirt stand between her and a delicious M!

Then the hunt ended and Grammy got out her amazing bubble machine...only the amazing bubble machine had some less than amazing batteries, so it wasn't much of a hit today.


I'm told this was a big hit the last time she got it out for the girls...I'll have to wait until next time to see just how amazing it really is!

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