Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our BC Bearcat

Tonight was the last game Spencer will play as a memeber of the B-Team at BC High School. I've taken my camera out to the ball field every time we've been to a game, but a certain blond...


makes it very difficult to get pictures of the ball game. However, tonight, I was commited to get some pictures of Spencer in action. Spencer is one of the pitchers on his team, but tonight he played 3rd base...


Luckily I was ready to get a picture of him at bat because he only got to hit once and he hit the first ball thrown to him.



But the picture that made tonight my fave was this picture...


This little girl L-O-V-Es her big brother. In her eyes Spencer can do no wrong and I hope she always keeps this blind love for him. All baseball players are "Bubba"...even the pros when Arch is watching major league baseball, they're all her he's the best at everything he does. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone believe in you in that way? Spencer is with us 50% of the week with us, one week with his mom...and the entire week he's away I have to explain daily (and sometimes multiple times daily) where he is...she's always waiting on him to come back home. She points out every picture of Spencer in our house and exclaims "Bubba"...she loves him and he loves her too. Even though they're 14 years apart I hope they always love each other like they do now.

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Brantley said...

How sweet! Great pictures!

Tara said...

Okay, absolutely precious pic of them at the bottom. Framer!!
AND you are SOO making me a sports shirt for AK when Brooks starts playing some sort of sport next or both! Sooo cute!!