Friday, April 9, 2010

A Southern's Favorites

It's Friday, so I'm back to play along with The Other Mama and post my Friday Favorite. For those of you who have happened upon my blog via TOM blog you already know that last week her fave was southern accents...a very cute post might I add & worth checking out for those of you who haven't visited her blog. I too am a proud Southern and started thinking about some of my favorite things that I classify as truly today, Ruth Ann and I visited the Governor's Mansion so I could share some of my Southern faves. Many of you both in and out of South Carolina know that our governor got himself into a little bit of hot water involving some less than moral extracurricular activities...even though Mrs. Governor no longer resides here, it's still a historic land mark for all South Carolinians and the grounds are beautiful...if you're ever in the area, stop by and explore a little!


The following picture has 4 of my 5 Southern Favorites. Let me say now, and I'll repeat it again as I explain my faves that these faves are by no means limited to the South...I just believe they are most likely found in higher quantity here than in any other region in the US...and it's my blog and I can say what I want!


So obviously the child in this picture is one of my favorite people in whole wide world, but let's look past the obvious and focus on some other things pictured...

1. Azaleas


Do these flowers bloom anywhere other than the South? To me it's officially Spring in the South when these flowers start to bloom. I find them to be the smartest of all flowers because somehow they know to bloom in time for The Master's making Augusta National the best looking course in the nation...again, my opinion, my blog. The sad reality to this flowering bush is that the blooms only stick around for about 2 weeks...unless you have the ones that bloom 3 times per year, but they just don't get as big and beautiful as the original.

2. Big Bows


In my head I'm singing "I like big bows and I can not lie, you other mothers can't deny..."...and now you're singing it too, right?! Anyway, obviously mothers put bows in their daughter's hair all over this great nation...but in the South...or at least at my house...the philosophy on bows is "The bigger the better!". I wasn't one of those mommas who wanted to wait until delivery to find out if I was having a boy or a girl. I actually convinced my doctor to give me an ultrasound at 16 weeks (instead of 20 weeks) to find out what I was having. And once I knew a baby girl was on her way I rushed out to buy clothes in every shade of pink, but I didn't buy a single bow. I was sure that if I bought a bow then I would have a child with no hair until she was 2 years old. So I waited and prayed Ruth Ann would have her daddy's beautiful thick, straight hair...and God answered my prayers. She was born with a head full of blond hair and some told me it would all fall out, but that didn't stop me from ordering bows from every ebay vendor I found. And then when Ruth Ann never lost any of her hair I began buying bigger and bigger bows...I just can't help myself...I'm Tara, and I'm addicted to a big bow.

3. Monograms


Again, I'm sure monograms are found all over the country, but I think it was Reese Witherspoon who once said "I'm Southern, I monogram everything." Yes Reese, I agree, we do like to monogram everything...but don't we all agree everything from bath towels, to luggage, to children's clothing looks better with a monogram??

4. Seersucker


Ben Matlock wore it best and he practiced in Atlanta, Ga so this confirms the fact that this fabric finds its roots firmly planted in the South. I L-O-V-E seersucker...and it helps that Ruth Ann looks her best in blue...which I believe to be seersucker's truest form (however, I love seersucker in every color of the rainbow). I'm sure others wear seersucker in every state, but only in the South do you find young and old alike sporting this fine fabric. I love putting Ruth Ann in seersucker but should the 3rd McCarty child (who is not on the horizon, so don't read too much into that statement) be a little boy you can bet money that he too will own a pair of seersucker pants every year that I'm responsible for clothing him...even if that means I have to sew them myself!

4. Southern Belles


I hope this little blond grows up to be a Southern Belle which is defined as the epitome of South Hospitality. I hope this little girl grows up to have the grace, charm and class of a true little Southern Lady.

My 5th fave is pictured too, but these pictures do it better justice...



In the South we call this outfit a "Bubble"'s obvious why, right? It bubbles out at the mid-section and at the legs...I L-O-V-E a bubble and I fear this may be the last summer Ruth Ann can wear a bubble and not look naked. Last year she spend the better part of the summer wearing smocked bubbles and I loved every minute of it! I'm going to miss these bubbles next summer!

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Lori said...

Oh! So cute! Makes me wish my girls were a little smaller so I could "bubble" them! ;) Nice to come upon your blog via Hillary - have a nice weekend.

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

I love almost all things southern and you got'em all and love, love the Matlock reference. My favorite when I was little was Murder, She Wrote but Matlock was the bomb too!!

Jennifer said...

I love this post and especially the bubble! I LOVED bubbles when my little one was that age...I miss that!

Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

All very cute! We have azaleas up north (I'm in PA) and I don't think ours have started blooming yet. Our neighbor across the street has HUGE bushes of them in front of her house. They are gorgeous in full bloom!

Brantley said...

I L-O-V-E this post! And I love everything about the south! I actually planned my wedding around the blooming of the azaleas and dogwoods. My mother tried to convince me to be a "June Bride," but it doesn't get any better than April in South Carolina! :)

LizzieV. said...

Adorable! And I love the bare-feet! (Can't do that well anywhere but the South!) Must find some true bubbles for my little DLG (you know, Daddy's Little Girl). She's been darling in some of those frock-things that look like onesies with a darted dress attached to the front, so I can only dream of the possibilities. (Thanks for letting me visit from TOM!)

elizabeth said...

Ruth Ann is precious! I had two stinky ol' boys (whom I love dearly), so I never got to put them in bows. So, I encourage to keep up the bows and bubbles as long as Ruth Ann will let you!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

You mentioned all my southern favorites in here- for sure. We LOVED Matlock- hysterical that you mentioned- and I love a bubble, too! And you know I love a monogram, too!! haha! Thanks! RA is precious!