Saturday, July 2, 2011

6 months old

If you've ever had a baby in your house you may agree with me when I say 6 months is my favorite age. When Tripp was first born time seemed to move so slowly for me. Having a newborn baby means long nights and for me that makes for even longer days. But once I started back to work and Tripp started sleeping well time has flown by and now suddenly my baby boy is 6 months old!


Here's what Tripp is up to lately...
~babbling, babbling babbling...he says a lot of "ba-ba-ba" and if you start it, he'll imitate you. He's also developed a very loud scream to show his immense displeasure...most often heard when you're out of baby food. He seems to have already learned that in a house with 2 other siblings you have to speak loudly in order to be heard.
~although he wasn't a big fan of cereal last month he has taken to baby food after a few weeks of very very messy meals. He's now had bananas, peaches, apples, peas, green beans, carrot, sweet potatoes and prunes. He loved his orange veggies from the start, but it took a while to warm up to the green ones. Now he eats one serving of baby food for lunch and 2 servings for dinner in addition to about 30 ounces of formula throughout the day.
~still rolling from back to tummy very well, but not rolling for tummy to back very well yet. Although he can go from tummy to back he hasn't figured out that rollng the other way will help when he gets angery after being on his tummy for too long...this can make nap time and very difficult few hours around our house. He still takes his best naps in the swing but at his current weight he really slows that poor swing down...I fear his days of napping in the swing may be numbered!
~my favorite accomplishment happened just last night...on what was actually his 6 mth b-day...Tripp didn't take to a pacie very quickly but I need for my children to take a solves all the fussy problems, so I kept trying to give it to him. Finally he seems to like it, although not as much as Ruth Ann did. Anyway, for a few weeks he's been taking it out of his mouth and playing with it...Arch likes to believe he's working on his hand-eye coordination as he passes it from his left to right hand. Last night at dinner he took his pacie out of his mouth, played with it and then popped it back in! I'm not sure he knew what he was doing but I wanted to jump up on the table and dance! It's a big moment when they can do this for I'll have no less than 10 pacies in his crib soon so he can get one for himself if he wakes up in the night in need of a little pacifying!

Tripp-man, I'm afraid you're starting to grow up way too fast for your momma's liking. I love you sweet boy and wish you could stay my snuggly little bug forever. But I'm also curious to see what kind of little boy you're going to become...just promise me you'll always have time to snuggle with your momma!

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