Monday, July 18, 2011

We've arrived

After some sight seeing of the Charleston coast line we finally got into the marina...and realized we were way out of our league in regards to our boat size...


Notice the boat on the back of the massive yacht??? There were 2 boats on the back of this yacht with a crane to lift them into the water...I can't even begin to imagine just how much this boat cost.

There were also some ships with names we all liked...


Finally we found our boat slip. Since we had still managed to avoid any rain we decided to venture up the Ashley River to finally start enjoying our relaxing boat trip...


Are you wondering what the inside joke is??? Well, as we were riding up the Ashley River we discovered an extra long dock without a boat we decided this was the perfect place to tie up the Clark's boat...


A big thanks to the family living here...


We enjoyed our time while tied up to your dock.

I didn't carry my camera for much of my time in Charleston...the next picture is from Saturday night when we went out to eat at Amen Street. I wish I had grabbed my camera for our carriage year I won't forget to leave it behind!


PS-this picture makes me wish I was still coloring my hair blonde...I miss my blonde days.

After dinner we went to an Irish pub and Sally & Brantley were invited on stage by these not so kind men...


I say "not so kind" because the big one on the right...which we referred to as Milton (a reference to Office Space)...called me an ugly name because I wouldn't join them on stage...going on stage with the band has NEVER been my thing...even during my college years.

We got here around 10:30...which felt so late me...and it was kinda slow but the later it got the more the place started to fill up & I realized this would have been when we would have arrived 10 years ago when I was closer to 21 than 35 years old. I felt like my age was definitely starting to show!

We got up bright and early the next morning to start our long trip home...from door to door it took close to 12 hours...but lots of fun and memories were made during those 12 hours!

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You can still go blonde!