Monday, July 11, 2011

I heart a kitty...

And now Ruth Ann does too!


I've always loved kittens. I believe this love of all things feline was directly inherited from my grandmother (Ruth, my mom's mother and Ruth Ann's namesake) when she gave me my first kitten, Ernie, when I was Ruth Ann's age. Ernie only spent a short time in our home because as the story goes, I practiced a lot of rough love on poor Ernie. Per my mom's account, Ernie was thrown in bath tubs full of water and down stairs until he was given safe shelter at my grandma's house. We have 2 full grown cats at our house and Arch claims this is the I dream of the day I can take Ruth Ann to Pets Inc. (a local shelter) to pick out her first kitten.

My parents...I guess I should say my mom...decided to get 2 new kittens for their house a few months ago. At first I was heart broken that Ruth Ann cared very little for the new kittens...but after a few trips to Grammy's she has come around and now she LOVES them! Sometimes she loves them a little too much...I have a video I want to try to post later that shows just how much she loves them.

Until then, I only have a photographic evidence to show just how much Ruth Ann loves a little kitten...



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