Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Charleston Wrap Up

So this will be the last of the blog post on our Charleston trip...and these may be the best pictures yet...

So after the dolphin spotting we stopped at the sand bar on the way back to relax and enjoy the last few hours of our child-free weekend. While we were floating Brantley thought it would be fun to inflate the tube and have Graem pull us behind the boat for a while. When Brantley asked her dear husband to do this for us he announced he had planned on inflating it to surprise us...the tube is huge and the pump he used to inflate it was very loud and we're basically out in the wide open so I'm not sure how he planned on implementing this surprise for us...but we sure appreciated the thought!

The guys were the first to ride...well, just Graem and Justin. Arch only rides the tube for one person and that person is Ruth Ann. Since his riding buddy wasn't there he drove the boat so the other two could have some fun...


To my surprise Sally had never been pulled behind a boat in any way, shape or form. Since she had seen all our kids riding behind boats this summer she felt confident we weren't going to let anything happen to her!



Then we entered a no wake zone and had planned to just let the guys pull us slowly to the other side...but we ended up falling off so we all decided to get on the boat...thank goodness...Sally refers to this a "God Moment"...as we got close to the end of the no wake zone we spotted this guy crossing the river in front of our boat...


YIKES!! I like my toes so I'm glad we didn't give him a chance to nipple them off!  That ended my desire to do any more water activities...but it didn't stop these three...Brantley was actually the first to get back behind the boat...




As we got closer the lock we were starving...we did pass a small business on a boat half the size of the Clark's selling sandwiches and snacks out of a cooler...but I questioned his DHEC rating so we didn't stop. Then we passed what is clearly the best example of redneck fun at it's finest...


Hangin' out under a bridge by the river on a hot summer's day...I love living in SC!

Okay, I lied, I do have one more picture from Charleston I plan on posting but for the most part...it is finished...and now I'm ready to go again next summer!

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