Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sick Day...I mean Day"s"

So last week Ruth Ann went to her first  vacation bible school. Our church doesn't have a class for as young an age group as 3 years old, but my friend Sally's church does so when she invited us we jumped at the opportunity. Growing up my mom was VBS director for several years...this meant VBS was a big part of our summers and always something we looked forward to. As a child I looked forward to the classes and as a teenager I looked forward to picking out what age group I wanted to help out with. My hope is that Ruth Ann grows up loving VBS just as much as I did...but I have no plans of ever being VBS director!

But Ruth Ann brought home more than just some fun new memories...she brought home a summer cold. And since Ruth Ann can't remember to cover her mouth when she coughs with out me reminding her once or hundred times she passed this bug onto her this week we ended up with a ear infection diagnosis for Ruth Ann and croup for Tripp. And let me say there is nothing more sad or scary than hearing your 6 month old baby coughing his little blond head off at 2 am.


Thankfully, we're on our way to recovery...but we're still not 100%. I actually question whether Ruth Ann had an ear infection because as an obnoxious audiologist mom I promptly took Ruth Ann back to my office and my testing doesn't suggest she had fluid in her middle ear, much less an infection. But after consulting my audiology mentor and her ENT hubby I have decided to keep with the antibiotics just in case. Tripp-man seems to be coughing less and less but this is one nasty cough that just seems to be lingering. We're headed to the beach soon so hopefully the warm salt air will be just what he needs!

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The 1st of May said...

Uh-oh! Sad to say that Bet walked away with a cough and a double ear infection too! We've been on amox. for a week and are still having drainage...GROSS!

Brantley said...

Somehow Roper ended up with a cough and then an ear infection and he didn't even attend VBS! Mason must have been a carrier! with two children means they usually pass things to each other. :(