Saturday, July 23, 2011

This may be my favorite

2 years ago this summer I started taking sewing classes. I started already knowing how to smock but wanted to be able to put a bishop dress together all by myself. After many, many months of trying I finally can successfully complete a smocked bishop and I've made a few other cute things along the way...but yesterday, I put together what I believe may be the cutest outfit yet...and it's a boy outfit...


I saw some jon-jons on Zulily a few weeks ago with square smocked inserts and I thought they were precious. I had wanted to learn how to put smocked insert into a t-shirt because I think it's another cute way for both boys and girls to wear smocking for a few extra years & this was the perfect way for me to start practicing. I copied this sail boat off a dress Ruth Ann has because I think matching siblings can be compared to making sure your shoes match the rest the just has to be done!

I put this on Tripp this morning and I LOVE IT! I'll be honest and say I was little bummed when I found out I was having a boy because I would have never believed sewing for boys could be fun...but it so is! I'm finding that I think I like sewing for him better because his outfits are not as time consuming or complicated. I love being able to sit down for a few hours and come out with a finished product like these jon-jons. And putting these clothes on the cutest little boy on the planet helps too!

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