Friday, July 1, 2011

Who is this little girl??

I was doing a pretty good job posting from our beach trip and then it all came to a's a continuation of our beach adventure...

When we went out to eat this little girl sat next to me...she claims to be Ruth Ann but I simply can't believe this little girl is my baby girl...


It breaks my heart that time is going so quickly...which makes Tripp baby years that much sweeter right now. I keep telling Ruth Ann she can't grow up because she has to stay my baby girl...but she argues back that she wants to grow up big. But every time I hold Tripp-man I whisper in his ear that he's going to stay my baby boy forever...I'll do my best to raise him to be a strong man and a great husband...but sorry future daughter-in-law, he's going to be my baby boy forever!

Anyway, once we finished dinner we made a little stop at the closest Eagles to pick up Ruth Ann's hermit crab...who you met on the previous post. Then we got to Page's house and were greeted by the neighborhood ducks...lots and lots of ducks! They started to head away from Page's house but Ruth Ann & I cut them off and herded them back to where Ruth Ann could feed them...Page got some good laughs in at the sight of me waving my arms at the momma duck and all her babies!


After Ruth Ann fed the ducks she did some of her very best duck impressions...




Then we got a good night's sleep, and the next morning watched Page get baptized. Page grew up Methodist so she was already a Believer, but she was joining a Baptist church, thus the baptism. Growing up Baptist there is something very special about seeing a good friend get baptized. I'm so glad we got to share this weekend with Page and her family & friends!

We had a delicious lunch and then headed back home...which Ruth Ann was not at all happy about. I have a feeling as she gets older she will be begging me on a pretty regular basis to take her to see Ms. Page!

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