Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rollin' down the river

Last summer the Clarks and the Browns invited us to join them on a weekend river trip. Their plan was to go down the river to Charleston and back in two days...sounded fun, but I was 5 months pregnant and the thought of being in the hot sun on a boat with others who were not going to as sober as I didn't sound like my idea of a fun weekend at the hindsight we should have gone because it's a really great trip.

This year when plans started to be made for the 2nd annual river trip the McCarty's were in...but we added a day this year so we could relax one day in Charleston.

We headed out EARLY Friday morning...Arch woke me up at 6:30am asking why I wasn't already out of bed. I sent a text message to Sally and Brantley warning them that the smoke they may see as we approached our meeting point would be coming from Arch since his pants were clearly on fire! This was the first hint that the trip down to Charleston would not be the relaxing cruise I had been expecting. Anyway, we got to the Clark's house, loaded up and headed to Monks Corner, SC...aka, The Middle of Nowhere...and put the boat in at a landing I hope to never visit again for the rest of my life...Adkins Landing...

Although frightening, we did discover some lake side property Arch & I might be able to afford...


This house had this view...


This is Lake Moultrie and this landing is just around the corner from the Pinopolis Dam where you enter the Pinopolis Lock...


Please also note the dark clouds filling the sky...the reason that now all 3 husband's pants were ablaze to get us to Charleston...

If you've never been in a lock it's really is a neat experience...and factor in a lock full of SC rednecks and it becomes a unique experience!

This is the view from the highest point in the lock looking down at the canal below...



We were pretty close to the bottom of the lock when we took this picture...those door in the background are what hold the water back as we were lowered to the level of the river.

Then the doors opened


and we were's a look back at the lock...


Lots of fun was had and I have several more posts to fill you in our weekend of boating fun!

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