Friday, July 22, 2011

Graem Clark, Dolphin Cruise, Inc.

On our way down to Charleston we were on the look out for dolphins. We saw the occasional flipper surface but when we would get close to them they would scatter. On the way home Sunday morning Sally thought it would be a good idea to cut our music when we got close...perhaps they didn't share our love for the Jack Brown Band/David Allen Coe/Hank Williams Jr Party Mix brought to us by our Music Mix Master, Justin Brown. And you know what...she was right! Thanks to our captain, Graem Clark, and his watchful eyes along with his master navigation of the deck boat we got an up close look at this family of least I like to think of them as a family...maybe they were just a group of good friends coming home from a weekend river trip too! Here's a video with the most action from our dolphin's kinda hard to see here, but they were everywhere and because my video battery died and I don't want to bore you with hours of grown adults saying "Oh my goodness", "Look at that"& "Wow"...I leave you with these 3 minutes of dolphin excitement...

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