Friday, February 5, 2010

14 Months

Okay, I realize this is just a few days late, but we've had nasty weather this week so I haven't felt like dressing up. Rainy weather makes me want to stay in my pjs, so Ruth Ann has also spent a lot of this week in comfy clothes. I've just not had a great photo opportunity to take a picture and though today was no better, I just couldn't put it off any longer.


So at long is my sweet baby girl at 14 months. Here are some of the things Ruth Ann is up to these days...
~Her verbal vocabulary includes the following...daddy, mommy, Bubba (for Spencer), kitty, Giffy (for Griffy, our dog), baby, no-no, banana, bye-bye, juice, Mammie (for Grammie), bottle. She can also tell you what a woolly lamb (baa baa), horse (nay nay), cow (moo) and Auburn tiger (GRRRRR) say.
~Her signing vocabulary includes more, eat, milk, banana, all done, potty, and fish.
~Still using crawling as her only form of mobility. She did take a few steps while I was a my friend Auralee's house this past week, but she still doesn't have the courage to consistently let go and walk unsupported.
~Bottles have been packed away and she is know drinking 20oz of milk a day from a sippie cup.
~Loves watching Baby Signing Time as is evident by her growing signing vocabulary. She begs to watch to have the dvd playing...she brings us the remote and says "Baby, baby, baby."
~Loves looking at books, playing with blocks and taking her puzzles apart. Notice I say, apart, not together...she's also does a fabulous job at making a mess.
~Only takes one nap a day and at this point is not a very long nap, but it grows longer and longer every day. I'm hoping we can start playing outside more when the weather starts warming up and that will help to increase the length of her nap.
~Arch said the other night he thought she was standing in a sassy way...I think this girl is going to be full of sass. She's also developing a funny laugh that I hope means she's going to have a funny personality.

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