Thursday, February 25, 2010

A new found respect

Ruth Ann's first hair cut was several months ago. I had planned on waiting until her first birthday, but she had the beginnings of a serious mullet so something had to be done before she turned one. At the time I asked the person who was cutting my hair to just trim Ruth Ann's up too. The look of terror that flashed in her eyes should have been my first warning. I think it was because of her young age...most kiddos her age don't have the amount of hair she that I'll add it's both a blessing a curse to have a baby girl with bow worthy hair. A blessing because it's so stinken' cute to see her with a huge bow coordinating with her outfit...a curse because at every meal she ends up with food in her hair and requires daily washing & drying. I now believe babies are usually hair free for a good reason...maintenance is terrible. Anyway, this hair dresser thought it would be a better idea for me to invest in some shears and just do it myself while she's sleeping...I wasn't really sure how I would have her sit up unsupported while sleeping so I asked a friend for some suggestions. She cuts her son hair and suggested I get some Dum-dums to distract was messy, but got the job done.

Ruth Ann's hair had grown out to be a little past her shoulders and was starting to look a little scraggly, so last night after bath time I attempted to cut her hair again. What started as a little trim turned into a very cute bob cut if I do say so myself. Most of the cutting was done last night but I've had to make another quick trim here or there to get the random stray piece of hair.

Through this I have a new found respect for the men and women who cut our children's hair. After Ruth Ann and I emerged from the bathroom Arch wanted to know what all the screaming (both from Ruth Ann and myself) was all about. The closest thing I can compare the experience to is that of cutting a wild animals hair. I know one day she'll understand "Sit still" or "Look down", but right now it means if you choose to cut your child's hair I recommend you contact your physician for a prescription to control high blood'll thank me later!

Here are some pictures of my handy work...




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Taylor family: Tim, Becky, Tabitha said...

Kudos, Tara! It is a very cute little bob!

Jeannie Woody said...

Tara- This story had me both laughing and crying. I have been cutting Ava & Jenna's hair for a year or so now. My handy work is not as good as yours! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Cutting a straight line is MUCH harder than it looks!! I have tried and tried and given up! You did a great job!