Sunday, February 21, 2010

On the road again...

When I decide to take a road trip I'm very lucky to have a baby girl who pretty much just lets me pack her up and go. I've been saying for months that I needed to go visit my Aunt Jill who lives in the upstate of SC and my Granny who lives in Western NC. So I finally did something about it this weekend and loaded Ruth Ann up for a quick trip. We left home on Friday morning, stopped in Gaffney, SC for some quick outlet shopping, then headed to my Aunt Jill's for the night. We enjoyed some time with my aunt, uncle and cousin Seth and then my Aunt Jill and I head to NC to see my Granny Saturday afternoon. We turned back around and headed back to my aunt's house for the night. Finally, we were up bright and early this morning to head back home to see Daddy...whom Ruth Ann talked about all weekend long. Ruth Ann once more was an All Star traveler...but not as great as she use to be...I fear my days of solo long distance travel may be numbered until she has better access to her basket of toys in the car. Currently I'm the supplier of all toys and she's becoming more and more demanding making it more and more difficult to drive safely.

Here is Ruth Ann ready to load up and head North. I'm including this picture mostly because I want to show off the dress I made for Ruth Ann. I started making A-Line dresses when I first learned how to sew. I made them for all the little girls I knew, but recently in my sewing classes I learned how to add a ruffle. That ruffle makes an already cute dress even more precious!


Here is Ruth Ann visiting my Granny.


These were all taken my aunt's yard saturday afternoon. The sun sets in front of her house and made for some great pictures. I'll be going back in the spring when her yard is in bloom...she has tons of plants and I can't imagen how pretty it will be then!







Ruth Ann is finally pushing herself up to take a few steps. Notice the uneven sidewalk she's standing on...inside she wobbles all over the place and usually only takes a few steps before falling over. However, on these stones she pushed herself up and was able to walk all the way over to where my aunt was standing...this walking business baffles me!

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