Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First sign of spring and a little honesty

The saying this year should be "October, November, December, January & February showers bring May flowers". This has been the wettest winter of all time...I don't have anything official to back that up, it's just my own un-offical opinion. We are anxiously waiting on the arrival of Spring and it can't come soon enough. Let me share with you the first flower of the Spring...


I wish all the flowers in my yard were this cute!

Now for the honesty...I get compliments on the pictures I post of Ruth Ann and I appreciate them all...but for every cute picture there or TONS that are deleted. Let me share with you how the rest of the photos went. Two pieces of background info...1)Today was an early release from school day, so my niece & nephew, who also stay with my in-laws after school, where home during Ruth Ann's nap time. This means Ruth Ann wasn't going to miss out on the fun to waste her time napping...therefore, Ruth Ann was in a foul mood and shortly after taking this picture she headed to bed. 2) The first photo was the best of all...and it hurts me a little that the top of the flower petal got cut off...but you take what you can get with a naked baby sitting in a towel on an expensive piece of furniture.

Here are the other photos to show you a little of what 99% of Ruth Ann's picture look like...


This pic is edited for content since she is in fact flashing the camera. Cute now...trouble in 15 years!


Perhaps deep in thought?


She's actually using the sign for "book" because there was a book in her line of sight and I wasn't allowing her access to said book since we were in the middle of capturing a sweet memory...there's a time and place for reading! If you look around those chubby hands you'll also notice she's crying...this marked the end of our flower towel photo session. My point...they're not all keepers, but I still think she looks cute & one day I'll laugh at all these crazy pictures I've taken!

Thanks Aunt Jill for the cute towel!

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hpcoker said...

Tara - these pictures are absolutely precious!