Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Keep your hands off Daddy...

If you look around our living room and in Ruth Ann's bedroom you will find books and toys everywhere...I'm sure this is no different in your own home. You would think that Ruth Ann could want for nothing...not true. Do you want to know what she wants?? The phone, the computer, the remote controls and cell phone. What do all these things have in common?? They're all off limits to tiny hands which ultimately leads to melt downs from our future Drama Momma. Last weekend while visiting my Aunt Jill Ruth Ann made a bee line for the's crazy how she has an internal radar guiding her to all things electronic. The one she loved the most was by far the biggest remote I've ever seen. My aunt bought it for my uncle and cousin because they kept misplacing their remotes. They didn't end up using it but Ruth Ann enjoyed it so much that my aunt said she could take it with her. The bonus for has zero control over our television so she can play to her heart's content!

But she's been keeping an eye on her daddy to make sure he doesn't try to swipe it for himself!


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