Thursday, February 11, 2010

I need to stay calm

In the last week Ruth Ann has made leaps and bounds in the walking department. This past weekend she started taking a step or two and now she's trying out two legged mobility more and more. It's a good thing because the sight of this makes my blood pressure soar...


These are brand new, only worn twice, Puddle Jumpers. Do the nicks on the toe of these shoes drive anyone else nuts??? If not, you've never bought shoes for a child. My mom tells me that walking will not mean the end of scuffs on the toes of her shoes, but at least she won't be dragging the toes across cement the way she treated these precious shoes today.

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Brantley said...

I will never forget the night that we had a tennis match at Crooked Creek and Graem brought Mason out to watch. He let Mason crawl all over the sidewalk and rubbed holes in both knees of a brand new Zutano outfit. Walking is better, although the scuffed shoes, scraped knees, and dirty hands didn't magically end like I'd hoped! :)