Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Betsy!!

Today Ruth Ann & I helped celebrate our friend Betsy's 2nd birthday. Her mom came up with a very creative idea for a party theme...a Dollhouse House Warming Party. I loved it! Besty's mom, Sally, included where you could find the dollhouse accessories to go with the house Sally had refurbished from her own childhood. The accessories requested were the Plan Ahead brand and are super cute! Sally is one of the most creative people I know. She's a very talented painter and is always coming up with cute & creative ideas for her home. Somehow she ended up an appraiser for a local bank...but I think her true calling is in the arts...but much like myself, the creative things we love to do don't always provide us with the income our real jobs sad, but true. Maybe one day we'll be able to make our hobbies our full time jobs, but right now there are mouths to feed and children to cloth, so it will just have to stay a dream!

Here's the birthday girl...


And here's the birthday girl with her momma...


Her shirt was a present from me and Ruth Ann...


Here was her yummy cake, thanks to our friend Brantley...she also made Ruth Ann's cake. She's another talented friend...thankfully I don't have her baking talent, otherwise all the McCarty's waist sizes would be twice as large as the currently are!


And these were the party favors. Sally ordered them from shopping there myself...and had them personalized for each child invited. Ruth Ann's has blond hair, blue eyes and a signature bow! See, I told you Sally was creative!


I managed to pry it out of Ruth Ann's hand long enough to take this picture...the rest of the time Ruth Ann carried it around in a death grip!


Ruth Ann loved the dollhouse and I may see a Dollhouse House Warming Party in her future. Or at least she may have a dollhouse on her Christmas list for next's never too early to start getting her list together...that's how her momma roles!


And much like the parties we've attended before, Ruth Ann got right in the middle of present time...


I think she was making a mental note here to add this to her Christmas or Birthday list...Grammy, Ruth Ann wanted me to ask you if you're taking notes here??

Right now Ruth Ann's favorite word (second of course to Daddy, which if I've heard once I've heard it 100 times today...and usually in triplet "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy") is "Baby", but every child is "Baby"...whether they're twice her size or a newborn. She of course loved meeting Baby Jackson...


And even though the party is for the's kinda for the parents to get together and chat are some of my favorite girls to chat with...


But by far the cutest picture of the entire party was the greeting Ruth Ann got from Jay...


I had the wrong settings on my camera and didn't notice until later that the picture was way too bright. I tried editing it with Flickr, so that's way the colors are a little crazy...I got a little artsy with this one!

You may be asking why Ruth Ann was so dressed up for the initial response...why not?? But really I've just been looking for a reason for Ruth Ann to wear this very cute dress we got as a gift from our friends Mrs. Harriette & her daughter Katenell. I love a smocked dress...but I think I love a dress with a crisp white collar even more! They enjoy the blog so I wanted them to see how cute she is in the this is her color...and she looks like she knows it!


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Sarah said...

Thank you so much for sending me the email about your embroidery machine, I will be saving for a while... but I am already planning all the gifts I will be able to make with it! (Like the shirt you made for the birthday girl!) I love this party idea and am going to be stashing it away for my future children.
I wish I lived closer to you because I have an unnatural love for smocked dresses, ones with white collars, and bows!!

Missy said...

Tara, I love the pic of Jackson with the girls looking on...thanks for including that!